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Contest Burner

Contest Burner Contest Burner


WordPress Contest Plugin

Wordpress Contest Plugin. Uses Twitter, Youtube and Facebook to create a contest on your blog. Keeps track of points and will randomly pick a winner based on points if you want.


Contest Burner WordPress Plugin

Contest Burner Wordpress Plugin

There are a ton of reviews out there for the Contest Burner Wordpress Plugin. I have actually used this product and only a handful of people can say that. I used this product on my site Take a look and see.

I can honestly say that Contest Burner is and amazing product and is the best and only Wordpress contest plugin to be on the market. Why? Because it creates a flood of massive traffic to your website.

Of course you have to come up with the creative prizes but after you set it up and promote your contest via your social networks, you will have traffic like you have never seen before.

This is a real honest review of this product. If you read other reviews….ask the writer if they have ever used the product.

If you have any questions you can email me at dailybragger AT Gmail . com