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Adding a Contest To Your Website With Plugins

Running a contest that connects to Facebook to get “likes” or “Shares” for your website may seem difficult, but it’s really not.  If your website uses WordPress, a contest of this nature can be implemented with ease.   There is a WordPress Plugin called Contest Burner that helps webmasters and bloggers add a contest to their website that connects with Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube.

The plugin generates a contest link for people so that it can keep track of who share’s your website or promotion.

Social Networking Professionals Weigh In: Just Spread the Word and We’ll Give You All Sorts Of Prizes!

With the explosion of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and the millions of people actively participating, small businesses and marketing firms are catching wind that they can provoke activity and viral marketing through giving away highly desirable gadgets such as Ipads, for simply… spreading the word through contests.

Fortune 500 companies such as Coke or Burger King use contests to provoke engagement in their products, services and even brand.

Contest Burner is an online application that plugs-in easily with WordPress blogs or Facebook or any site, and allows individuals, small businesses and marketing firms a user-friendly application to manage and run viral online marketing contests.

Keeping Track of Social Media Contests – How To Pick A Winner

Most of my clients love a social media contest. It boots likes on their page, gets people to spread the word and even gets great backlinks to their main websites.

But how do you keep track of the social media influencers?  How do you pick a winner for these contests?  How do can  you tell who has tweeted or shared your brand?

I use a software called Contest Burner for my clients.   It connects to your blog that is built using WordPress.  This WordPress Plugin installs easily in your wordpress site.


If you have ever thought about running a social media contest on your blog or website…it has never been easier. There is a WordPress Plugin for Facebook that makes it amazingly easy to have a contest. This plugin will also work with Twitter and Youtube.

Can’t wait? Check out this plugin now!!

This WordPress plugin for social media contests will bring viral traffic to your website. So make sure your servers can handle the enormous amount of traffic. If you have HostGator web hosting, or GoDaddy your servers should be able to handle the traffic.
What this contest plugin for WordPress will do is generate a contest link for each person that enters your contest so the plugin can track the points of the person. Each time the person tweets, or shares on Facebook they can get a set amount of points. All the points are configurable in the WordPress Plugin.

The thing about these links is that other bloggers will write about your contest and include your link back to your site. So not only are you getting backlinks for SEO but you are also getting viral traffic.

If you use this WordPress Contest Plugin for Facebook or Twitter, be prepared to see a spike in your visitors, generate more buzz about your product of services and get people talking all over the web about your cool contest.

Here is an example of what the contest looks like in action.

For more information on this plugin – Click Here!!

contest burner demo

contest burner demo

wordpress contest plugin

Social Media Giveaway Plugin

How do you go about getting viral traffic to your website? The answer is doing by spreading the word via social media.

The easiest way to do this is with a contest.  If you have something of value to give away, you be that a lot of people will be sharing it on Twiter and Facebook.

So what is the best plugin out there to have a social media contest and keep track of the people that tweeted and shared your message on Facebok?

That is simple. The answer is a plugin called Contest Burner.

I have written emails to may of my readers who often ask me what can they do to get a contest started about their products or services. I tell them to get this plugin.

I have used this plugin myself for small giveaways and the results were amazing.

Give it try for your company or website.

Let us know below how you liked it by leaving us a comment.

Generates links and remembers your contestants

Contest Burner Plugin

I have used the Contest Burner WordPress plugin on a few of my websites. I actually got a free copy of Contest Burner WordPress plugin a few years ago while it was still in the beta version. I even worked with the developer to get out some of the bugs when Contest Burner was just a baby. Even the first version was a pretty powerful WordPress Contest Plugin.

You check out the Contest Burner site right now or keep reading to see what it does.

What does the Contest Plugin for WordPress Do?

The Contest Burner WordPress contest plugin will generate contest links that are trackable. Each time someone clicks on a contestant’s link they get points. (Don’t worry. If a person clicks on their link 100x, they won’t get 100 points. Contest Burner knows when someone is cheating and they will on get the points the first time they click their own link. )

The Contest Plugin keeps track of how many times your contests links are spread around by giving points to people.  So this will work with Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. You can assign points if someone signs up for your list, shares a comment of Facebook, comments on your blog, post your contest link on Twitter, comments, likes or posts a video response on your Youtube page.

Imagine waking up and finding 2200  new subscribers to your site or list… or 1500  new back-links to your site… 10 new YouTube Videos promoting your product… 4 new press releases promoting your product… 300 new Facebook posts about you and 14 new blog posts written about your product or website.

As a WordPress plugin it is easy to have a viral contest on your site. After you install the plugin you can set up your contest. It’s very easy to do. The hardest part if figuring out what prizes to give away. The backend of contest burner is extremely easy to understand and there are instruction videos on how to configure a contest.

Let’s Look at the process:

Someone comes to your page and they want to enter your contest. They need to input their email. YOU JUST GOT A SUBSCRIBER TO YOUR LIST!!!

After they enter their email, they can input their Twitter handle and even link their facebook page to the Contest Plugin. CONTEST BURNER WILL EVEN REMEMBER YOUR CONTESTANTS SO THEY CAN EASILY COME BACK TO THE PAGE AND GET THEIR LINKS AGAIN.

Generates links and remembers your contestants


One of the best aspects of the contest burner wordpress plugin is that it will keep track of the points for you. THIS IS PSYCHOLOGICAL AS WELL.

The psychology of Contest Burner WordPress plugin.

When people see how many points they have they will see other people who might be beating them in the contest, depending on the prizes and worth, people spread your contest links all over the place to get more points. This will generate more buzz and backlinks to your page. It is contest marketing at its best.

contest plugin for wordpresss

Contest Burner Generates a Leaderboard

Traffic from The Contest Burner WordPress Plugin???

The traffic you get is amazing. Take a look at  this screen shot from Fast Cash Commissions, they used the plugin for a contest.


Fast Cash Commissions Alexa

Fast Cash Commissions Alexa


The best part about Contest Burner is that if you don’t like it, you can get your money back. But I’m sure after you see the traffic you will get from this wordpress plugin, you will want to have more and more contests.

contest burner features and guarantee


If you are interested in Contest Burner or want more information…then CLICK HERE!!!

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Social Media Contest Software

Have you ever wanted to run a contest using Facebook or Twitter but you weren’t sure how to track your contestants? If your website is using WordPress or even if it’s not, there is a plugin that you can use that will help you run a contest using Facebook and Twitter.

This software or plugin will generate a specific tracking link for people who enter your contest. It will tally up points and display standings on any page you want.

Check it out.

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